Echoes, The home away home does little justice to the word ‘restaurant’

The most sought after place to gorge on junks, Echoes located in Satyaniketan will serve you the best pizzas, pastas, shakes and much more! Besides providing a cozy, warm ambiance the concept of rendering courteous service with differently able staff brings Echoes one step closer. They derived a formula where in they use placards for communication between the staff and customers. Now comes the most difficult task, listing out the best of bests and here it goes.

  1. Choco death shake

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Think no further if your love for chocolate knew no bounds. Party your tongue with this mouth-watering shake in the shake legend of the city beware, you can never get rid of this delicacy. To add further, it is topped with kitkat to make it even more desirable. This is nothing more than a complete visual & tasty delight.

2.Serial killer burger

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Yes, the junk does perfect justice to it's name. Spicy slaw with chicken, served with fries was absolutely delicious will make you want more. Trust me, this joint will make your mind space away from all junks you ever tasted in life and you end up wondering it's amaze.

3.  Fiery chicken starter

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You get to savor the goodness of garlic as soon as it is served and it's spicy aroma never misses to give a delectable touch to your taste buds. For starters , the best way to go here is to stick with chicken varieties.

4. Cheese chicken nachos

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Missing out this  cheese chicken blend perfectly topped with nachos and red sauce is definitely not a good choice.  Nachos loaded with dollops of sour cream ,cheese perfectly blended with chilli sauce is definitely a treat for a nacho fanatic.


Article by Swetha Sridhar


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