Treat your taste buds with this sweetened milk flavored delight at Chandini Chowk

You don’t need GPS system to treat your taste buds with a milky delight at  this poky, cramped up box sized shop in the busy streets of Chandni Chowk.

Wondering why, because the idea of food-walk alongside these vibrant roads with this exquisitely flavored kulfi is way too mainstream.

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi, is definitely not a place to be missed, if your craziness knew no bounds to frozen, traditional milky desserts. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR MILK PHOBIAS” ,trust me you’ll start to develop a deep passion for kulfi’s despite your despise towards milk. They ensure that their customers get to savor the authentic,traditional taste without compromising on quantity. Serving since, 1990 this  has been the most sought out after food place, when it comes to Chandni Chowk.  Among their 50 eclectic, exotic flavors, Orange kulfi would be my ideal pickup. Removing the pulp from fruits and refilling them back with kulfi, marks to be the most distinguishing trait of this place.






Article by Swetha Sridhar


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