Wondering*-*, is this really a cuisine, or nectar from heaven

Trudging along the busy roads of Chandni Chowk, with absolute exhaustion was not a bad choice after bumping onto this place, The Bishan Swaroop Chat.

I would have reacted with my usual sarcastic, scornful glimpse, if someone had told me about this unique palatable dish before. I swear this exquisite piece of delicacy would never let your taste buds disappointed.

One quick bite was enough to let me wonder if this channa topped watermelon chat is a Cuisine, or nectar from heaven. Adding a note to the health freaks over here, you get to relish the savoury of chats through this healthy, finger-licking satisfactory meal.

Furthermore, cherish the taste of this extravagant delight along with chilled lemon soda for the sanity of your inner foodie. You think am exaggerating stuff?, then go straight to Chandni Chowk and am sure you’ll know this stuff was wonderfully crafted by taste god himself.

Article by Swetha Sridhar


  1. Chitra July 25, 2017

    By reading this article , I want to taste this Street foods with mouth watering

  2. Sesha July 25, 2017

    Good write up.Keep writing.All the very Best.

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